Who I Am

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My name is Anthony Minassian, I am a 23 year old Content Creator who was born and raised in Los Angeles Califorina. I first got into photography in 2013 and decided to pursue it professionally in 2017. Since then, I have been trying to carve out a stylized look that pushes the boundaries of my skills and knowledge in conjunction with some of my favorite hobbies. Everything from Automotive photography to Freerunning. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have been given many opportunities by close friends and people who trusted me to give them my best. It hasn’t been easy, but I know that the road less traveled, often has the best rewards. Please join me on my quest to capture the moments that unfold before me, and feel free to contact me with any questions or collaboration opportunities you may have.

What I Shoot

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Action Sports

There is something incredibly special about capturing an athlete in his or her element. Whether its Parkour & Freerunning, Skateboarding, Dancing, or movement of any kind, There is such a profound sense of mastery that simply cannot go undocumented. I have been fortunate enough to have been given multiple opportunities to travel the world, meet amazing people and try my best to capture their almost super human abilities.

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BTS (Behind The Scenes)

I never realized how much I enjoy this type of photography. I suppose I’ve always gravitated towards jobs that require a certain type of subtlety. Acting as a fly on the wall with the sole intention of capturing people and moments in their most natural form.

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Growing up in LA, I was always exposed to cars. From a very young age, cars were all we talked about in my family. Every year my brother, father, and I would head over to the convention center and spend hours of our day walking around the LA Auto Show critiquing all the concepts and upcoming releases. Naturally, when I got a camera in my hands, cars became a huge focus of mine. You could say I have a soft spot for Automotive Photography.

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I don’t shoot commercial work as much as Id like to. But when I do, I try to make the best of the setting, wardrobe and of course the model on set. Portrait work is a necessary skill to have in this industry, I pride my self in the fact that although I might not be the best, I will make sure that you’ll get products that have not been seen before. Being unique is always the better route.

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This is probably the most fun you could have on the job. To me, this branch of the photo world, is all about the individual and his or her craft. Ive found that to really excel and create a really captivating lifestyle shot, you must first get to know the subject of the image. Its all about highlighting what you and your subject want to say. I enjoy taking all the small details you can find out from a person, and strategically place them through out your shoot to say and do exactly what you’d like. The point is to be as real and genuine as possible, thats the best way you can sell a “Lifestyle”

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Fine Art

Definitely my favorite style of photography, there is something about shooting with no rules that I find so interesting. The fact that I can go shooting with only the faintest idea of a series, and end up with a polished body of work that I can take pride in.